Join the 2019 TJ Wheeler String Band!

Join TJ Wheeler in preparing a short set to be performed RBC Bluesfest in July! The week will be led by Blues/ Jazz & overall Roots musician extraordinaire TJ Wheeler. All stringed instruments are encouraged. Students need to be at a novice to intermediate level to participate. In this context, that’s defined as having an existing playing ability, in a variety of tempos & rhythms, in several keys, and a willingness to dig in and learn new songs, approaches to improvisation, theory, and honing basic performing chops. Everyone is encouraged to sing and if someone is mostly a vocalist (as opposed to a string player) they can also participate. The final performance is at RBC Bluesfest on Sunday, July 14, approx 3:30pm.There is a limit of 10-12 kids for this class so if you have someone in mind, follow the Dovercourt registration link to TJ Wheeler String Band to register. This class has no charge!